A Top2Bottom professional home inspector has an unbiased opinion of the home. Our Inspectors are trained to record and report on needed repairs and safety of the home that are typically overlooked when a Buyer finds things they like/love about the home. This is also backed by each Inspector’s experience and history in the home construction industry.
Top2Bottom reports include in-depth inspection of HVAC SYSTEMS, ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS, WATER SYSTEMS, ATTIC SPACES, CRAWL SPACES, ROOF TOPS, STRUCTURAL COMPONENTS, and INSTALLED APPLIANCES. No one likes to be surprised by any additional costs that come after purchasing your new home. This is how we are looking out for the best interest of the CLIENT! Being prepared for what is to come puts you ahead of the curve.
We are so confident in our level of service that we offer A 200% GUARANTEE! 200% GUARANTEE!


Top2Bottom provides your clients with simple maintenance reminders to change their Air Conditioning Filter, when to drain your Hot Water Heater or Clean their Dryer Vents regularly. Every reminder is managed by Top2Bottom team and branded with you as their REALTOR including your picture and company reminding them to check their required services as a Homeowner.
Technology is improving, and so are we. You and your client will receive an itemized inspection report which includes detailed descriptions along with supporting photographs to help them better understand the info provided in the report. The Top2Bottom Inspector will also review the entire report to ensure your client understands each item in the report so they can make a well-educated decision on their next home purchase.



Wouldn’t you want to know before you go into a sale of your home so you can keep negotiations in your favor? Even the best care you put in your home over the years could still leave you with surprises. Stay ahead of the buyer and know what you have working in your favor, so you don’t have to compromise on your price. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!


In today's litigious society, you will want the comfort and peace of mind that every detail of the home was disclosed before the sale of the home. Correct things before they become a doubt in the Buyer’s mind.


The less work the buyer must do the easier the sale will be to close. Give potential buyers the path of least resistance and assurance that a home inspection provides. Being prepared for all the buyer’s questions could make them confident in purchasing your home over any other. Make your home the right house for them.

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