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Spring Mintenance

  • Inspect and repair caulking at the windows/doors and trims for weatherization and insect control
  • If you have a fireplace, Close the chimney damper to improve air conditioning efficiency
  • Inspect and repair/replace (if needed) weather stripping on exterior doors and windows to reduce energy costs
  • Inspect bathroom grouting/caulking joints and if needed repair, to prevent moisture damage
  • Lubricate and adjust locks, hinges and latches
  • Inspect window locks for proper operation and repair as needed
  • Clean window tracks and lubricate (nothing oil based) for improved operation
  • Adjust registers (balance flow) for cooling
  • Lubricate (nothing oil based) garage door roller shafts (not tracks), hinges and springs then tighten bolts as needed OR recommend a service call to a garage door professional.
  • Clean dryer vent duct and damper to remove any lint or obstructions, possible fire hazard.
  • Have your A/C or heat pump, and/or evaporative cooler cleaned and serviced by a qualified technician.
  • Replace heat pump or A/C filters
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